Back in 2013 Keyteck Locksmiths carried out a simple survey. They wanted to establish how many people changed the locks on their new property when they moved home. Rather shockingly a reported 74% of participants admitted to not changing locks when they moved house, many of which didn’t realise the implications of their actions.

These are startling statistics but should it come as any real surprise? There’s a lot going on when you move home, apart from the physical aspect of relocating, there’s the whole ‘getting used to the new neighbourhood’ to deal with so lock changing is probably the last thing on your mind.

Spare a thought for this though. Changing the locks at your new property is much easier than you might think and it’s such a sensible course of action to take.

The key time to change locks

According to reports the best time to change the locks to your new property is within 2 weeks of moving home. This is the prime time for break-ins to occur by current key holders.  By this stage you should be getting used to your new property, have most of the main unpacking done and be feeling a little more settled in the house.

How at ease would you feel if somebody tried to break into your house though? Say you came home and found your worldly possessions had been stolen… surely this would kind of spoil the excitement of moving to a new home in a different area.

Think about the implications of not getting the locks changed at your new house.

1.) Insurance companies won’t pay out

Market leading insurance companies recommend you change the locks to a new property as soon as you move house. There are no grey areas here. Once you are in and the removal truck has disappeared into the sunset get the locks changed as soon as you can.

Most insurance companies will void your policy if you try to claim for stolen goods and there are no physical signs of a break-in. You can’t blame them really. If criminals have let themselves in with a key and you didn’t bother to change the locks, quite rightly, they could say you only have yourself to blame.

2.) You lose everything you have worked hard for

Consider the personal and financial costs of not changing house locks. Over the years you accumulate many expensive household items, this can include electronic goods, designer clothing and jewellery. Plus there are the personal items which have sentimental value and prove to be irreplaceable, such as trinkets bequeathed to you by dearly departed loved ones for example.

Thieves are heartless and they don’t care about your feelings or how long you have saved up to purchase personal goods. Change the locks at your property to prevent this from happening – don’t lose everything because of a lock!

3.) It’s upsetting and unsettling  

Finally it’s devastating to be the victim of a break-in, even more so if you could have prevented this from happening by changing the door locks at your property.

Burglaries are upsetting. They’ll also leave you worried and feeling nervous thinking this might happen again. Changing locks when you move home helps to deter the most basic of break-ins, and it’s something we highly recommend at Pers Removals.