You’ve moved in. The most stressful part of shifting everything you own from one property to another is over. But now you’re unpacked, don’t think everything is done. There are still a few things that need doing.  

Here’s a quick rundown of what needs to be done once you’re in.

Check the smoke detectors

Once you’re in the property go into each room and check each smoke detector to ensure that they’re all working correctly. We recommend changing the battery on every detector to make sure that they are primed and ready to go.

Get a TV license

This one is often over looked until there’s a knock at the door. If you watch TV then you’re going to need a TV license. If you had one in your old property, you can update your details here:

Change your address

If you haven’t done it before the move, now’s the time. Contact your bank and other necessary correspondence that need to know where your new place of residence is.

You can do most of these things online nowadays, but a quick phone call is often enough. Don’t forget to let relatives know either – you don’t want them sending holiday cards to your old address!

Contact utility companies

The sooner you’ve contacted your electric, water, and internet providers the better. If this is your first home, speak to either the landlord or the previous occupant to see if they have any recommendations about which providers you should choose.

It’s often easier to stick with whoever previously provided the utilities to the property than switching.

Health professionals

If you have moved to another town or city, you’re going to need to find a new dentist and doctor locally.

You don’t want to be forced to use walk in centres every time you’re ill, so contact local health centres as soon as you can.

Still not done the move? Pers Removals can help ensure that moving your belongings is a breeze. Contact us to learn more.