Pet owners see their dogs as part of the family which is why it is highly important during a move that dogs are well looked after and kept safe at all times. If you’ve moved home with your dog before, you’ll understand the challenges that can be met. Moving can be a stressful time for all the family, and the change in location can also affect your furry friend, so in order to prevent any upheaval, follow our top 5 tips on moving with your dog.

  1. Plan Transportation Methods Way Ahead of Time

If the journey to your new home is a long one, ensure you plan it out before you head off. When moving with your dog, it’s essential to take resources with you for the journey, such as water, food, toys, and blankets. To break he journey up a little, why not stop for a break to let your dog get some well needed fresh air? Even if the journey isn’t very long, you should try and prepare for all eventualities to ensure your dog is happy and comfortable throughout the journey.

  1. Register with a Vet Before You Move

Unfortunately, you never know when anyone in your family may fall ill, including your pets. This is why it’s important to register with a new vet before you move to your new home. You won’t regret it if your dog falls ill. If it’s not an option to plan in advance, make it a priority for when you arrive at your new home.

  1. Give your Dog Time to Settle in

A new home can be confusing for any pet, so make sure to give your dog the time to settle in and get used to their new surroundings. Walk around with your dog so that it gets used to the new rooms. Place their food in a set place and try and train your dog to remember where the important places are. The same goes with outside; to avoid your dog getting lost, go outside with it.

  1. Shower Your Dog with Attention

Your dog will need lots of love and attention once you have moved as he or she may be feeling confused. Small, frequent meals and lots of cuddles should prevent your dog from trying to go back to your old house and keep them happy and comforted.

  1. Plan Your Move with Professionals – Pers Removals

If you want help arranging your move, or to find out more about moving with pets, contact an experienced and professional mover at Pers Removals. We’re here for you with all of your moving needs.