Storing items is a sensible solution if you are downsizing your home or simply need somewhere to keep your goods on a temporary basis until you can move into your new property. Finding a reliable storage solution can sometimes be difficult though so we thought we’d give you a few pointers at Pers Removals to help you avoid making any mistakes.

Do this…

1. Pick the right sized storage solution

Work out exactly how much room you are going to require to safely store your belongings. People often underestimate the amount of storage space they will need or they will attempt to save money by selecting a unit that simply isn’t large enough for their requirements.  Here at Pers Removals we have containers that offer over thirty five square feet of storage which is more than ample for most of our customers’ needs.  Don’t book storage that isn’t big enough.

2. Check the security of the site

Establish how safe your possessions are going to be when they are placed into storage. If you think the site is lacking in security measures and you are genuinely worried about the safety of your goods you should go with your gut instinct. Insist on storing items in secure, sealed units that are ideal for storing a wealth of objects. Don’t pick an unsafe site.

3. Validate the units are temperature-controlled

Certain items can be affected by the temperature of their environment so this is something else to consider when you are searching for storage solutions. Insist on using a temperature-controlled setting. This is especially important if you plan to store large, metallic items that suffer in certain kinds of environment.  Don’t store anything where there’s an issue with temperature.

4. Verify the minimum storage period

Always check the minimum storage period as this does tend to vary from one storage centre to the next. We have a minimum one week storage period but other companies can tie you in for a month or longer. Don’t agree to store your belongings until you know the full terms and conditions.

5. Ask about access

When you first arrange to store your goods ask about access to your possessions too. At certain centres you can only gain access at specific times of the day and it’s worth making a note of this so you know when you can get your goods!  The ideal solution is to find a storage centre that gives you access to your possessions at any time which is something we specialise in at Pers Removals.

Don’t do this…

Never try to store dangerous or prohibited items inside a storage container. Dangerous or hazardous items are classed as weapons, fireworks, flammable liquids or materials. This also includes drugs, gas, fuel or paint, along with anything that is toxic or corrosive.  You shouldn’t keep animals, plants or perishable foods inside storage containers either. And it goes without saying you shouldn’t attempt to store stolen goods inside a storage container.

Now you know the dos and don’ts of storage it should be easier to keep goods safe.