There’s no denying that during the summer months, our Christmas decorations and festive adornments aren’t needed. So what do you do with these items? Well, maybe your home is too small to store these types of things in or you’re sick of them getting in the way every time you go into your attic for something – if so, there are a number of storage options for you.

Maybe you have a huge (obviously fake) Christmas tree that just takes up too much room or you have bags of tinsel bursting at the seams. If you do, a self-storage unit may be the best choice as a storage solution as they are secure, safe and spacious.

How to Prepare an Artificial Tree for Storage

Decide where to keep your tree, considering the fact that they can weigh a lot and fray over time.A storage facility is a great solution should you want to keep it. To keep the branches fresh – or keep them from bending the wrong way while sitting in storage – wrap the entire tree tightly in cling film. This will ensure that your artificial tree stays intact.

How to Prepare Christmas Lights for Storage

Oh the dreaded lights. Your strings of bulbs always end up tangled over time. There’s a quick and easy solution that you can probably make from a leftover box this holiday season: Wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. Tape one end of the lights to the center of the cardboard, and carefully wrap the rest of the string around until you reach the other end. Wrapping each string separately can keep the lights from being tangled, and it can also give you a great way to stay organized next season. Label each piece of cardboard with the location it goes – like on the tree, or outside – to avoid confusion next year.

How to Prepare Wreaths for Storage

Your greenery needs love, even if it’s fake. Wreaths can be crushed under some of the heavier holiday items, and any add-ons – like ribbons, bows, or fake berries – can be easily damaged or deformed. If your wreath is small enough, you can store it in a hatbox, which will help to keep its shape. If not, another alternative is to hang your wreaths on wire hanger, and cover them with plastic bags to protect from dust during the off-season.

How to Prepare Ornaments for Storage

Your Christmas ornaments are precious, but they are also delicate. Anything made out of glass can easily break if left rolling around in the bottom of a bin. One easy solution comes from your kitchen: Use a leftover egg carton. You can keep your smaller ornaments separate and safe by placing them inside. For larger ornaments, create a DIY separator by gluing plastic cups to a piece of cardboard. The cups will act as a larger version of the egg carton.

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