Moving home is stressful enough for us humans so imagine how upsetting this can be for your pet? You can’t explain what is happening to a cat or a dog, well you can, but the chances are they’ll simply sit there looking at you with a blank expression on their face!

Worrying about your pet isn’t going to help, start to fret and this will only make matters worse. Your pet will pick up on stress signals, they’ll start to feel anxious and the day of you move will suddenly become a whole lot trickier.

How do you cope then as you finish off the packing and get ready for your house move?

Ask somebody to look after your pet

Send your pet on holiday for a day or two and let them stay with a friend or family member you know they like and trust. Having your pet cared for on the day of the move will ease your mind and they’ll be out of the way long enough for you to get established at the new home. This solution is useful if you have friends or family within a reasonable commute of your next house.

Secure the new property

Have a good look around the new property to make sure the interior and exterior areas are nice and secure.  Check fencing, side gates and other boundaries that could provide a convenient means of escape, your pet will want to explore their new surroundings once they arrive and it’ll be easier if you know they can’t travel too far.

Create familiar scents

If you own a dog do they have favourite bedding, a special type of toy, or one of your old shoes they love to cuddle up with? These objects will be covered in a familiar scent, make sure they are easily accessible in your new home to create a comforting environment.

Let them settle before they go exploring

Keep cats and dogs near to you in the first couple of weeks after the house move. Don’t let them wander off until they have adapted to their surroundings and become familiar with their new home.  You can help your cat settle in your new home by keeping them in a room where they feel safe and secure for the first few days. Place their feed bowl, water bowl and litter tray in this special room, leave a few treats around and let them gradually acclimatise to their surroundings.

Make your house move as smooth as possible for you and your furry little friends. We’ll help to keep your stress levels down at Pers Removals – this way you’ll have plenty of time to think about your pets.