Clever packing can make a significant difference when moving home. From reducing stress to giving homeowners that much sought-after element of control and organisation on removal day, the benefits to packing are obvious. Here we’ll outline how to effectively pack your belongings when moving home.

How to Start

Organisation is paramount when moving home. Homeowners are encouraged to make a comprehensive list of the tasks that need to be completed. This is essential when packing belongings. Make a decision of what you wish to take with you and what you wish to discard. This is especially important when downsizing. If you have excess belongings, one decision that homeowners will have to make is what to place in storage.

When starting to pack, the first belongings that you’ll need to pack are those that you hardly use, yet wish to keep. Excess crockery and clothes that you don’t wear at the time of the move because of the season are what you should begin to pack.

Choose a Removal Business

Get a quote from a reputable, local removal company. The right removal business will be able to advise you of how to manage the removal process. From how to pack breakables to packing heavy belongings and dismantling furniture, a reputable removal business will be able to advise you.

Top Tip: know what you want and communicate your desires clearly. This will save much trouble on the day of the move. The very last eventuality that you wish to occur is for a miscommunication to lead to any issues on the day of the move.


Employ successful organisation techniques when moving home. All boxes should be labelled with their contents and where in the home they should be placed. If boxes contain breakable china or glassware, mark these boxes as ‘fragile’ and the contents wrapped in bubble wrap. This will assist the removal professionals on the day of the move.

Don’t pack the boxes with everything that they can hold. Boxes that are too heavy may not hold the contents or be too difficult to move.

If you’ve dismantled furniture, keep all nuts, bolts, screws and planks together. Bubble wrap offers a cushioning effect, and will keep dismantled furniture safe when in transit.

These simple techniques can make all the difference when packing your belongings and moving home. By following these simple tips you will make the removal process easier and less stressful.