If your for sale sign has just gone up on your current home, it’s time to start thinking about how you can prepare your abode for viewings. It’s only a matter of time before those all-important viewings begin and buyers are looking for houses that stand out straight away. Read on to find out more about preparing your home for a viewing.

Keep a Tidy House

A tidy is house is absolutely imperative when it comes to viewings. A potential buyer will be put off straight away if your home is cluttered and messy. Keeping a tidy house doesn’t just relate to the inside of the house; it’s also important that you make sure the garden is prim and any exterior that looks a bit shabby is painted or repaired.

Be Accommodating

On viewing days, make your home look as if no one is there. For example, make sure there is nothing lying around like coffee mugs or papers and move your car from the driveway to give the prospective buyers a place to comfortably park.

Set the Scene

Prepare the inside of your home so that it looks inviting, livable and comfortable. Viewers will want to picture themselves living in the house so little touches will go a long way. For example, make sure your home smells fresh. Even consider putting flowers in some of the rooms to give them a homely vibe.

Fix What Needs Fixin’

Take a walk around your home and take a note of anything that needs fixed and then do so. Viewers will notice absolutely everything from a leaking bathroom tap to a bulb that doesn’t work.

Add Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve got your home looking ready for prospective buyers, all that’s left to do is the finishing touches. Some of these can include:

– Cleaning all surfaces around the house; worktops, sinks and toilets (remembering to put the lid down), dust any wooden surfaces or tables and put away any keys, paperwork, letters or things that have been left lying around.

– Putting away any laundry and tidying away jackets and shoes that have been left lying around.

– Packing away children’s or pet’s toys.

– Vacuuming and sweeping the floors throughout the house.

– Opening windows to let some fresh air in in the spring/summer or in the winter making sure the house is warm and the lighting is cosy and ambient.

Get Ready To Sell

By following the above tips, your home should be ready to be viewed and sold in no time. Good luck with the sale of your house and if you need to enlist the help of professional and experienced movers, get in touch with us at Pers Removals.