With summer just around the corner (yeeha), it’s a great time for all the family for a number of reasons; kids are off school and can enjoy the holidays, the sun makes an appearance, and the allure of BBQs and summer holidays are an exciting prospect. However, summer time is also a great time to move home, and is very popular, so that is why we at Pers Removals have put together top tips for moving during the summer.

Don’t Let People Get in the Way

Moving in summer is good, but when the kids are off school, and you’re trying to pack your belongings, it can become difficult and people can get in the way. This can become dangerous as moving is stressful and a lot of furniture and boxes are being moved which could result in an accident. To avoid this, you can provide each member of the household (and some friends if you ask nicely!) specific tasks to keep them busy. Instead, you may want to ensure that everyone is out of the house so that you can be left to crack on with the hard work in peace and quiet.

Having a busy household can also set you back as you may not be as focused as you’d like. It’s really important to keep on top of tasks and making a handy checklist can help you do this.

Check out the Weather in Advance

If you’re lucky, the summer months can be very hot in some places, so it’s important to keep an eye on the temperature. If it gets too hot, you don’t want to suffer from exhaustion, sunburn or sunstroke. Moving in summer can be stressful enough, without the added inconvenience of falling ill due to the weather. In some places, you may even experience storms which can be even more dangerous. Therefore, ensure you are prepared for all eventualities.

Don’t Do All the Hard Work Yourself

If you think you have enough to be getting on with when it comes to your summer move, consider using a professional moving company. At Pers Removals, we can help you with every part of your summer move from the packing to the moving of your items, and everything in between!

To speak to a professional member of our moving team and find out how we can help you, call us on 0845 603 5527. If you’re planning a move this summer, be sure to get in touch as soon as you have a date as summer is a popular time for moving, therefor it’s highly important to book us in advance.