When moving home, you must carefully pack up each room of your home, wrapping the items as not to get broken and labeling boxes as you go. When it comes to packing your kitchen in particular, it can be laborious and more time consuming that the other rooms in your home.

Your kitchen is full of crockery, glass wear, food and appliances. Therefore, extra time should be dedicated to your kitchen when it comes to packing the rooms in your home.

Conduct a Big Clear Out

Moving home is always an excellent excuse for a huge clear out of things you no longer need or use – especially in your kitchen! Once you begin clearing out cupboards and drawers, you’ll begin to realise just how many food items are out of date or have gone unused but remained in your storage space. Therefore, take moving as an opportunity to turf out the old and out of date food. Doing this means that you can enjoy replenishing your cupboards in your new home!

In addition, you’ll probably find that there’s a lot of crockery, silverware or electrical items that you no longer use or need. Throughout the years, we tend to gather duplicates or extra items that aren’t all that necessary and sit forget about in the back of a drawer or cupboard. If you do decide to get rid of any unwanted kitchen items, consider recycling, donating to charity or giving to a friend or family member.

Pack Your Items Carefully

When it comes to kitchen items, packing is very important. You want to ensure that your expensive electrical items, crockery and silverware are well protected for the big move. You want to avoid any accidents during transit.

If you still have the original boxes for your electrical items, fantastic! Use them and pad with bubble wrap or newspaper. When packing your electrical items, carefully tie and secure the cords to ensure they don’t catch or come lose during the move. For crockery and glassware, a little more care must be taken. Use newspaper and bubble wrap to securely package your more delicate items. If you are going to be boxing these items, scrunch pieces of newspapers and place in the box in-between each layer of crockery or glass wear. This method of packing and layering will act as protection and limit breakages during transit and moving.

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