Taking an organised approach to your packing is paramount. Not only is packing time-consuming but the entire process can be a complicated one; you need to be decisive, organised and thorough. Failing to appropriately plan and execute can result in frustration and difficulty.

Here at Pers Removals we offer comprehensive house packing removal services, invaluable to anyone transitioning between properties. We employ a team of highly-skilled and experienced packers who will plan and execute your property transition with ease.

Careful Storage of Your Belongings

Arriving the day prior to the move, we undertake the careful and meticulous packing of your belongings. We know how to secure your belongings for a smooth transition. Taking a strategic approach, we’ll work with you to pack belongings that aren’t immediately necessary.

Leaving your bedding, cutlery, and crockery, we’ll securely pack your soft furnishings and belongings, carefully labelling each box to correspond with each room in the house.

A fresh room before packing

Room with nothing packed

A fresh room after packing

All belongings packed by Pers Removals

Delicate and Breakable Objects

As a comprehensive home removal service, we know how to securely transport all breakables. Whether you have glassware with great sentimental value, treasured artwork or valuable china, we carefully wrap and store items for you.

Wardrobes and Curtains

One of the lesser considered, yet equally significant possessions, wardrobe and curtain transportation is as important as any other belongings. We use custom-made boxes to house your wardrobes. This guarantees that your clothes will be waiting for you in pristine condition.

Similarly, we appreciate the expense and personal attachment that some owners have towards curtains. We store all curtains in a clean and hygienic environment, completely free of dust and debris.

That Tailored and Professional Service

Our ethos is to provide customers with a superlative service. This extends from our affordable house removal packing costs in London to our professionalism on the day of your move. We work with you to deliver beyond your expectations. All our packing employees have undergone intensive training and have comprehensive experience. Rest assured you’re in safe hands.

To find out more about why we hold a reputation of such pedigree, or to discuss your personal requirements, contact us today.