Packing fragile items is a delicate operation – one that requires a careful and considered approach. Experienced packers are needed to ensure that the fragile operation is completed successfully. This is exactly what Pers Removals provides.

Fragile Packing Specialists

We make sure that all your breakables arrive safe and sound. This is achieved thanks to the dedication and experience of our packing professionals. From a cherished record collection to Royal Doulton china, we understand how to secure fragile items when in transit.

That Tailored Approach

Here at Pers Removals, we treat our clients to a tailored service that meets their requirements. We understand that everyone is different, with different requirements. We listen to, and work with you.

Fragile items are not all the same size and shape. Packing such items requires a tailored approach. Whether you have a collection of long stemmed glasses, expensive crockery that you don’t want tarnished or exquisite artwork of great personal significance, you can rest assured that we will carefully pack away and securely store these belongings once in transit.

Fragile mirror in the corner

Antique mirror before packing

Fully packed fragile item

Pers Removals fragile packing

Packaging Materials

We know the best packing to use to keep fragile items safe and secure in transit. Using practiced techniques and tested methodology, we guarantee that your fragile items will be there to meet you when you arrive.

This is easily outlined by how we pack plates. The common misconception to wrap plates in tissue paper and lay them flat, stacking them one atop another in a box. This is the incorrect way to pack plates. When placed in a box, plates should always be stacked vertically. Bubble wrap offers sound cushioning. Should you employ bubble wrap, your plates will be safe and secure, no matter what is encountered in the journey.

Our considered approach and comprehensive understanding means that we offer one of the foremost fragile removal packaging North London services.

To learn more about our fragile packing approach or to ask us anything, feel free to contact us today.