For some, art is passion. This is reflected in their collections. Art collectors with admiration for Post-Impression, sculpture or Surrealism take immense pride in the pieces that they own – as does anyone with an appreciation for artistic creativity and expression – even if they don’t particularly have a Rembrandt or two hanging in their living area.

Here at Pers Removals, we understand the individual needs of our clients. This is exemplified in our dedicated fine art packing services. Our professional team know how to pack, store and transport artwork of all descriptions. Whether you own a collection of large bronze statues, Van Gough prints, or artwork of any description, we take the utmost care with your collection.

Tailored Packing Solutions

Our experience means that we can deliver individual packing, tailored to your collection. We understand that the packing needed for bronze statues is different to that of A3 size water prints. Listening to you, we deliver a tailored packing solution that keeps valuable artwork safe and secure when in transition.

Using acid-free tissue paper, we protect the surface of your artwork. Each piece is carefully wrapped before being housed in a crate with a highly durable exterior and clean interior to protect your pieces when in transition. Additional packing provides cushioning ensures that the artwork remains unblemished in transit.

Artwork before packing

Painting on the wall before packing

Artwork packed by Pers Removals

Removing fully packed painting using a crane

You’re In Safe Hands

Our expert team are well-versed handling artwork of all descriptions. This is evident in our meticulous approach to all removal. White or white gold paintings are handled exclusively using spotless, white fabric gloves to avoid any fingerprint marking. Oil paintings are handled with similar knowledge. We never wrap paintings in bubble wrap – this may lead to the oil sweating inside the packaging and damaging the painting.

We’re proud to provide one of the more knowledge fine artwork packing services in London. We know the best way to handle, store and transport artwork of all descriptions.

If you’d like to ask any questions of us, or make an enquiry, please contact us today.