Specialist Packing Service

Packing can be one of the most exhaustive aspects of moving. We can all become weary with having to systematically pack our life away. No matter how painstakingly you approach the process, packing is still immensely time-consuming.

Here at Pers Removals we provide a professional packing service. Our expert packers understand how to safely and securely store fragile items, guaranteeing that they won’t become broken in transit. From fine china and glassware to bespoke furniture, we take the utmost care with your belongings.

Secure Packing for Items of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter the size, we guarantee to pack your items safely. From teak or mahogany furniture to glass fronted cabinets, grandfather clocks, and even priceless artwork, we will ensure that such belongings are secured once in transit.

Full or Partial Packaging

We provide a tailored packing removal service. Whether you’re looking to de-clutter you home as your pack, or are about to embark on an international relocation and need the assistance of a professional business to manage your needs, we can help.

Pers Removals offer you the choice of full or partial packaging. We employ a professional team of experienced packers. We know how to keep your belongings safe and secure when in transit.

We recommend the full packing service option. We will pack the contents of each room in carefully labelled boxes. This ensures that you’ll be one hundred percent organised when arriving at your home.

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