Moving offices is often a good sign for your business. But while it’s an encouraging sign, it’s also cause for worry too. The logistics of an office move just aren’t easy – you need to transfer all your equipment and keep downtime to a minimum.

To help make your office move easier, we’ve put together a few of our top tips.

Create a timeline

Coordinating the move is the biggest challenge you’ll face.  How do you want the new office layout to look? How are you going to move all of your equipment and furniture? (Hot tip – leave that to us).

Plan a timeline of the move months in advance detailing which office equipment should be moved first to minimise disruption and the ideal times in which to conduct the move. You should keep all employees in the loop too. They should know the schedule of the move so that they can organise their work around it.


With so much equipment being transferred it’s going to become a little tricky to remember which computer is in which box and so on. To ensure that you know where everything is once you’ve moved in, make use of labels. And lots of them.

Label every box and item detailing what’s in it and where it should go. This will make unpacking a whole lot easier.

Hire a cleaner

Once the office is gutted out of all your equipment you’re going to notice that the office is much messier than you first though. You aren’t going to have time to clean it all while trying to organise the move either. Employ a professional cleaner to come and make the area look spick and span. It isn’t fair to leave the office a mess once you’ve left!

Inform vendors

You don’t want to arrive at the new office only to realise you haven’t informed any vendors of your new address. Tell them well in advanced so that they can make all the necessary adjustments to your shipping and billing address.

Update website and letterheads

The week before you move it’s vital that you inform all your customers and business partners of your new address. Make sure you don’t forget to change the address on your website or letterheads too!

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