With the capacity to offer removals, packing and storage tailored to your personal requirements, here at Per Removals we understand the needs of our clients. As specialists in the removal and storage of valuable furniture, pianos and antiques, our efficiency is matched by the customer-focused nature of what we do.

Our Vow

We vow to manage all removal, packing and storage with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you have family heirlooms of considerable personal significance or valuable china, our removal professionals are more than capable of handling your belongings in the appropriate manner.

Unsurpassed Service

Such is our experience as one of the most trusted house removals in Kilburn, and throughout our nation’s capital, providers we can guarantee a level of commitment that’s unsurpassed. With a methodical approach on the day of the move, we systematically pack and move your belongings to your new home or storage facilities.

We arrive on time. Recognising the importance of each customer’s needs, we work with you on the day of the move towards the common goal of emptying homes and offices in a swift and comprehensively –organised manner.

Cost Saving

Here at Pers Removals we understand that relocating offices or moving home isn’t without expense. When you choose us one expense that you needn’t be concerned with is the moving expense. You’ll find our quotations surprisingly affordable.

The Reasons to Choose a Local Service

When you choose a local removal company in Kilburn you’ll be treated to a personal service that you might not receive from a national removal and storage business. Our significant knowledge of the Kilburn area is invaluable on the day of your move. From identifying areas to safely park to prompt arrival on the day of the move, our local service means loading and unloading your belongings is easy achieved.

If you’d like to read testimonials from previously satisfied clients or make an enquiry, please feel free to contact us today.