There’ll be a range of emotions running through your head on the final night in your old house. Whether you have lived in the house for years, or simply been renting for a few months, you’ll have plenty of happy memories and the thought of moving will be exciting but touched with a tinge of sadness as well.

To keep yourself busy and take your mind of what is going to be a hectic removal day, do this to prevent yourself dwelling on the house move for too long.

Unplug the freezer

Moving home gives you the opportunity to defrost your freezer. Unplug the appliance 24 hours before you move home to let it defrost, and don’t forget to let the freezer settle for a while before you plug it in at your new property. A good tip is to try to use up all the items you have stored inside your freezer in the weeks prior to removal day. This will prevent any unwanted waste.

Check the packing list

Go through your packing list the night before you move. This gives you a good opportunity to double-check on items. It also ensures you don’t miss any important valuables. Make sure you know where everything is, include everything you can physically pack and only leave out essential items you can’t pack until the morning of the move.

Clean and tidy where you can

There’ll be certain areas of the home you can’t physically clean until moving out day. That shouldn’t prevent you from cleaning accessible areas such as spare rooms though. Give them the once-over the night before and it’ll save you time when the big day finally arrives. Trust us. You’ll appreciate all the spare minutes you can muster come removal day.

Leave clothes out for the next day

Most clothing items can be packed away 24 hours before you start to move house. Just leave out nightwear and the clothing you want to wear the next day.  We suggest you choose comfortable clothing for the day of the move, garments you don’t mind getting dirty or dusty.

Make final preparations on the night before the move and there might be just enough time for a cheeky glass of wine or a mug of chocolate before you hit the hay nice and early.

Now there’s a nice thought!