There are a number of essential items you’ll find useful when you plan a house move, we know, we’ve acquired good knowledge in this area over the years at Pers Removals and we like to think we’re a fountain of knowledge on the subject.

Stock up on the basics prior to a house move and this makes things easier, we’d suggest keeping a supply of the following handy to make removal day a breeze.


Moving is so much easier when you have plenty of boxes to fall back on. Try to amass as many boxes as you can prior to the house move, you can buy them in bulk if needs be in readiness for the big day.

Bubble wrap

Got a pile of boxes ready for removal day? Well done you; how are you going to protect the items you place inside the box though? One suggestion is bubble wrap. This is useful for items like vases or anything that might be breakable, give it a layer of bubble wrap and it’ll be fine during transit.

Old newspapers

Start to stockpile newspapers a couple of months before a house move. Instead of recycling the papers, keep them to one side and use them as protective barriers for delicate items, once you’ve unpacked your goods at your new house you can recycle the papers afterwards.

Brown paper

Sheets or rolls of brown paper are handy too. Wrap them and pack them around cups, plates or ornaments to give them a protective barrier, once they’re wrapped you can place them inside the boxes.


Parcel tape is useful for sealing down boxes or you could use sticky tape as a different alternative. Buy a couple of rolls at the very least, it’s amazing how much tape you get through when you start to seal large boxes of goods.

Marker pen

Keep a couple of marker pens handy when you are packing boxes. Once the boxes are filled, write down the room they are going in when they arrive at your new home, make life easier for your removal company!

Dust sheets/blankets

Dig out old sheets or blankets prior to moving home, they’ll be useful for protecting items of furniture once they are placed in the back of the removal van. Take the cover off your duvet and use that as a protective, padded layer too. Prevent tables, televisions or freestanding furniture from getting scuffed or scratched.

Cobble the above items together and you are well on your way to being prepared for removal day.