Packing and moving difficult or delicate goods takes a great deal of care. Pay close attention if you intend to move awkward or fragile goods to prevent precious items becoming smashed, cracked or damage during transit. There are some useful tips you can follow to ensure your move is a success and we highlight some of the more obvious ones here.  

To prevent unwanted damage to precious items we suggest:

Don’t cut corners with wrapping and packing materials

Stockpile a mass of wrapping materials prior to moving difficult or delicate goods. Bubble wrap, tissue paper and brown paper are just some of the materials you could use to protect precious items during their travels. Old newspapers are good for scrunching up and stuffing into cups. And foam chips are handy materials too. They create a cocoon around goods and help to keep them protected inside packing boxes.  Amass a variety of wrapping and packing materials, you’ll need them as you prepare delicate goods for a road trip.

Wrap each item individually

Take your time wrapping fragile objects and make sure you pack each item individually. This isn’t a race, simply wrap each piece separately and make sure they are covered in plenty of protective materials prior to placing them inside a box. Cover each object in turn and make sure they can’t move around after you have placed them inside a container.

Avoid stacking plates on top of each other in boxes

Think about how you are going to fill each box. Cardboard dividers are good for separating glasses, you can fill them with tissues or use old sheets of crumpled up newspaper, then tape a protective layer around the outside. For plates we suggest you wrap them in paper then stack them vertically in rows inside packing boxes, never stack them on top of each other.

Pay special attention to artwork

Artwork requires extra care to help protect it during a move. We suggest you use acid-free tissue paper and place frames inside custom-made crates designed specifically for the purpose. This is something we do as standard at Pers Removals.

Book a professional packing service

One of the simplest ways you can move difficult or delicate goods is to leave this in the hands of an experienced removal company.  Why stress or worry about all those precious possessions when an experienced and proficient packing service can do all the hard work for you? Just pick up the phone and speak to the pros. Pers Removals making packing seem simple!