The prospect of moving a piano would daunt most people. This is a large, delicate musical instrument and without due care and attention it could easily be damaged during a house move.

Piano removals needn’t be daunting though, you just need a professional approach to the project and a little help in this area, from a competent company such as Pers Removals.

We’re the experts when it comes to safe piano removals and we wanted to share some of our top tips if you are considering moving an upright or baby grand at some point in your life.

Be prepared!

Do you know where the piano is going to be placed in your new home? Take measurements. Don’t leave it until removal day to find out the instrument doesn’t fit. Measure beforehand and check there’s plenty of room for the piano once it arrives at your latest dwelling.

Consider all obstacles

Go through the removal process in your mind and think about the obstacles and obstructions that might cause problems on the day. Door frames, steps leading to the property and internal stairs are some of the worst culprits. It’s not such a big problem if the piano is already on the ground floor.

Protect the piano

Use old blankets, duvets and other soft furnishing to protect the piano during the move. Pad the exterior of the instrument with a protective layer to prevent the wood from getting scratched. Keep the keyboard safe from harm by locking the lid during transit and secure all internal parts.

Get expert help

We cannot stress this point enough. Before you move a piano get a little support in place. Never underestimate the size of this task, handle it badly and your beautiful upright might end up in tiny little pieces.

Speak to the team at Pers Removals about piano removals and we’ll ease the worry, why stress about a Steinway when support is just a phone call away!