As a business grows it will need to find more space to accommodate employees. Finding the right property to suit the needs of a growing business can be challenging enough, but so too can the removal process.

Office removals cause disruption. This is especially felt if a business needs to close for a period of time whilst transitioning between properties. In this highly competitive business world, the impact of losing revenue for a few days, or even a few weeks can be substantial. Here’s a look at how businesses can transition between properties without causing disruption to the day to day activities.

Don’t Assume the Transition will be completed without a Hitch

No matter if you’re moving a small or business or one of a substantial size, no removal is completed without a hitch. If you appreciate this, you’ll go a long way to securing a stress – free move as much as possible. This may end up being visible to customers, however if this is understood then business can form contingency plans to tackle the issue.

Let Your Customers Know

Operating a transparent business promotes trust. Hiding information from your customers promotes distrust. In the weeks leading up to your move let your customers know that they may not be able to reach you on the day of, or any preceding days throughout and after the move.

Commit to Minimising any Changes

Avoid unconditional guarantees. Depending on the context of the promise, minimising the impact of the changes is paramount. An unconditioned promise gives the customer carte blanche to make any complaint that they want in the name of the broken promise. Be honest with customers, and make sure they understand the impact of the removal.

Keep Basic Communication Alive

Customers respond to prompt service. No matter the situation, should customers be frustrated with the perceived lack of service, this will have a negative impact on brand reputation. Phones and emails should, wherever possible, be left open to allow customers to contact you.

Businesses could announce that they are moving on your website. In necessary, businesses could contact their telecoms provider and arrange for a phone number re-direction throughout the move.

By following these four basic tips when moving offices, you’ll ensure that a smooth transition is achieved with minimal disruption to clients.