Moving can be a stressful time and can take a lot of coordination, preparation, and attention. In order to ensure you have everything in order by the day of your move, it’s important that you plan accordingly and well in advance. At Pers Removals, we have years of professional experience that will benefit your move, so have put together the following suggestions. Here are a few tips on how to put together and follow a good timeline when it comes to planning your move.

Asses the Size of the Move

The first thing you need to fully understand is the type of move you plan on making i.e. commercial or residential, and the scale of it. The bigger the home, the longer it’ll take you to organise and pack. If you’re moving your family to a new home, the estimated time in getting organised is usually around 6 weeks. Usually, a business or commercial move can be done in 2-5 weeks. Also, take into consideration the amount of belongings you and your family have – will you be moving furniture, garden items etc?

Once you’ve established the scale of the move, make a checklist for each room. Work out roughly how much time it will take you to pack up each room based on its size and contents. Not only should a checklist provide you with a good idea of how long the process will take, but it will also keep you right on track.

Specific Packing Considerations

Fragile items are notorious for taking longer to pack as the amount of wrapping and packaging involved is high. If some of your items need custom crating, you will want to allow yourself a bit more time to have this arranged. It goes without saying that packing goes much quicker when you hire a professional company, so if you are short on time or want professional help, it may be worth getting in touch with Pers Removals!

There Can Never Be Too Much…

When determining a moving timeline, it’s better to overestimate the time you will need. After all, there is nothing more stressful than running out of time – especially when it comes to moving home. When you allow yourself six to eight weeks to fully arrange and pack up your home, your move will be less stressful, especially if you have professional movers on your side. Another consideration is to ask family and friends if they have some spare time to help you pack and get organised. Because helping with a move can be a big ask, offer snacks in return. If you really want to thank those who help you, offer to pay back the favour should they ever need it.

Get in Touch and Organise Your Move

For more information about planning a move, or to find out how to arrange professional moving assistance, contact a member of the team at Pers Removals who will be more than happy to help you with all your moving needs!