It’s easy to be seduced by the charms of a new property. This is why most estate agents recommend you view a home a number of times. They also advise you to remove those rose-tinted glasses when you go to see a property, this way you can view the dwelling objectively, and see it in its true light, warts and all.

Simple things are easy to overlook when you view houses for sale, such as the security measures at the property in question.  Take stock of security though and you’ll begin to understand if any updates will be required. This could affect the asking price of the property and it could be a useful tool if you are considering renegotiating the price.

Areas to look for:


Ground floor windows are weak spots at properties, especially towards the rear of the house. Frames should be secure and in sturdy condition, window locks should be fitted to add an extra level of protection. Plus you might want to add window contacts linked to the home alarm just to give you that extra peace of mind.

Exterior doors

Front, rear and side doors are other easy access points for burglars, especially if the present security measures are somewhat lacking and locks etc, simply aren’t good enough. Changing locks is a simple security upgrade though and fitting deadbolts, mortice locks and adding chains/peepholes should make a front door nice and secure.


How old is the alarm system at the new property? If it looks dated there’s a good chance it doesn’t even work, or if it does, it might not provide the level of protection you require for your new home. Test the alarm to be sure and if you think it’s far from state-of-the-art it’s worth upgrading to a modern, multi-room system.

Outside lighting 

Estate agents recommend you visit houses at different times of the day or during the evening to get a true feel for the property.  An evening visit will help you ascertain how dark the vicinity is around the dwelling and it will also provide you with the opportunity to see security lights in action. If there are no lights fitted this is one upgrade you might like to make, burglars shy away from the spotlight where possible.

Before you move with our expert help at Pers, think about the existing security measures at your new property, create a checklist and tick items off one by one.