What’s the first thing you do when you move home? Well, apart from cracking open the champagne and toasting a long and happy life living in the new property, you’ll be itching to make a few improvements to put your own individual mark on the house.

Some updates are more common than others, but have you ever wondered what parts of the house people change first once the removal truck drives away?

We’ll share them with you at Pers Removals just for fun.


Have you ever walked into somebody’s house and instantly took a dislike to their carpet? It happens more often than you think, particularly if the carpet has a bold print, and might not suit everyone’s taste. Carpets are one of the first items people replace when they move home. As soon as they can afford it the flooring is gone!


Window features such as curtains, blinds and net curtains are replaced sooner rather than later too. Okay, you could make do with the existing features for a short while but as soon as you find your feet, you’ll want to replace the curtains as quick as you can, to match your other furnishings.


Fresh paint, new wallpaper and matching furnishings are next on the list; the existing colour scheme might not be to your liking. Changing the decor is a relatively quick fix. You can go through each room in question changing the look of the interior and making it more to your personal taste.


Out of all the rooms that help to sell properties the kitchen is arguably the main focal point. Sometimes though, you know the kitchen isn’t to your taste or it could do with upgrading but that can be a good factor as you negotiate the asking price of the house.  Give the home a new look with a swanky new kitchen and this becomes the social hub of the dwelling.


The bathroom in a property is a strong selling feature but this is another area that might not suit your individual taste. Wonders can be worked in this area by adding fresh decor, new shower curtains and different accessories, plus modern bathroom suites aren’t that expensive, especially if you shop for them when the sales are on at home improvement stores.

Bring a bathroom up to date and it’ll look just as good as all the other updates you have made in your new home. If you need assistance with the removal you can contact us at Pers, our main contact number is 0845 603 5527.