Moving home is exciting but you won’t even make it to first base until you sell your existing property. This can be helped or hindered by something known as kerb appeal.  The way your house looks from the outside has a direct influence on prospective buyers, they’ll form an impression about your home within the first few moments of arriving outside your property.

Give your house the best possible chance of making a brilliant first impression. Kerb appeal isn’t that difficult to create. To start try this.

Clear away driveway debris

When people are due to view your property clear away bikes, toys, garden tools or anything unsightly that creates clutter on your drive. Try to find a new temporary home for the wheelie bins if they normally live on your drive, take them around to the back of the property or discreetly hide them away down the side of the house. Leave the driveway clear and free from objects that could be classed as unsightly. A good tip is to put the car away in the garage if you have one or park it down the street to leave the driveway clear.

Power-wash the drive

If you have a block paving driveway give it a blitz with a pressure washer. Remove moss, oil stains and general signs of wear and tear that spoil the appearance of your home. Spend a morning pressure washing the driveway and it’ll look as good as new afterwards and be more attractive to house buyers.

Paint the door

Freshen up the appearance of your front door with a new coat of paint. Buyers like to view well-maintained properties and by painting your door it’ll show you take great pride in your home. Sand the door down, paint it with primer, then apply a top coat of durable weathershield paint.

Fix missing/slipping roof slates

Take a good look at your roof from the pavement. Can you see any signs or damage, are there slipping or missing roof tiles? If you see anything suspicious contact a roofer and ask them to fix the fault, left untreated this could be off-putting to house buyers.

Tidy up boundaries, borders and lawns

Keep front lawns manicured and tidy up borders as well. Devote time to the appearance of your front garden, clear debris from soil, use decorative bark or gravel and don’t forget to spruce up gates, exterior fences or railings too. Apply a fresh coat of stain to wood or paint rusty metalwork and don’t forget to oil squeaking hinges.

Pick up litter

Finally, sweep up outside your property an hour or so before house hunters are due to arrive. Clear away dirt and debris from the front of your house and leave it litter-free. Nothing is more unsightly than a pile of litter stacked up outside your home, it’ll send buyers packing.

Done all that?

Your home has stacks of kerb appeal!