Kaveh and Nima: our story

I (Kaveh) cut my teeth in the specialist removals industry back in 2003, working for a leading company in the supply and transportation of Southeast Asian teak furniture.
In 2005 I moved to a company called Freight Express, adding further to my knowledge of dealing with all different types of furniture, antiques, and fine art.
However, I wanted to take all I’d learnt about handling fine furniture and improve on it, so I left Freight Express in 2007.

I took the opportunity to buy my first Luton van, back in February 2007, and worked long hours, covering all of London.
Then the pivotal moment arrived, through an advert placed online:
I was asked to collect 50 pianos, from all over the UK, and deliver them to a farm in Surrey. This was all very exciting, but with one small problem: I’d never undertaken one piano removal before, let alone 50.
This is when I realised that I needed a porter – my brother, Nima.
We’ll never forget the first piano we picked up. We knew they were heavy, but that was all. Regardless, we lifted that first piano and moved it out of the house with no problems whatsoever.

After six months, word of mouth had spread so fast that we didn’t need to advertise anymore, but instead of taking it easy we decided to buy a second van and take on a new driver.

In November 2007, we named our company ‘Pers Express’ (Pers from Persepolis), and added another vehicle to the fleet. With our standout blue and orange colours, we started to receive enquiries, as our bright vans were seen on a daily basis.
This was a new stage in the life of Pers, which called for access to bigger vehicles – ‘Pantechnicons’ – for bigger (and often, more delicate) removals.
By 2009, we’d added three HGVs to our fleet, including one 40-footer, before moving into new commercial premises in 2011, with 50 clients’ goods in storage, across 200 containers.

As of present day, we’ve branches in North London, Finchley and Northamptonshire, Flore and have moved over 4,000 families from their homes, moved hundreds of pianos, snooker tables, and grandfather clocks – down stairs, through lofts, and over balconies – and carved out a reputation as specialist movers.

We take pride in what we do, and are passionate about running a specialist removals company that has grown organically, simply by making clients happy.