One of your the main concerns when you move home is how you are going to get along with your new neighbours. They might seem perfectly nice when you carry out initial viewings at the property, could this relationships blossom though once you are firmly settled in your new house?

Neighbourhood disputes are caused by the most trivial matters so try to start off on the right foot if you can.  Get to know your neighbours and make a good impression if you want to live in harmony for the next few years, this approach won’t do any harm.

Be considerate where you park

Pay respect to your neighbours by speaking to them before the house move. Mention there could be some minor disruption on the day you are moving, tell them there could be a removal van slightly blocking their access for a short while, but inform them this will be a short-term process and you won’t hinder them for any longer than is necessary. Most decent folks will appreciate this act of thoughtfulness. It’s a nice gesture and it’s a good way to break the ice, whilst pre-warning your neighbours at the same time.

Keep kids and pets under control

How do you think your new neighbours are going to feel if your children are screaming, shouting and having tantrums outside the house whilst your dog decides to ‘do their business’ on your neighbour’s lawn?  It’s not a great start is it? Chances are the neighbouring property will think you are the family from hell and they’ll want nothing to do with you from the off.

Watch the noise

There’s a good chance you’ll want to throw a party when you move home and why not, it’s not every day you up sticks and set up home in a new neighbourhood. Consider the implications this has on neighbouring properties though. As well as an increase in parked vehicles there’ll be exposed to excess noise as well, from music and party revellers having a good time. Avoid upsetting your neighbours by inviting them along to the party. It’s a good way for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. If they politely decline keep monitoring the noise levels and make sure your guests are respectful of the houses around them.

Life’s a lot easier when you get along with your neighbours. Do the best you can to build a bond with them if possible, you never know when you might want to borrow their lawnmower!