Regardless of whether you’re using professional movers to help you move, or you’re going it solo, you’ll want to ensure that you utilise the space in your car effectively. Often, when we move home, we like to have items that we need to use on a daily basis nearby – in our cars. But when it comes to fitting in all of these items, as well as the family and pets, into the car, it can become a squeeze. At Pers Removals, we’ve put together 3 top tips when it comes to organising the space in your car when moving home.

Evaluate the Space in your Vehicle

Before the big moving day, clean out your vehicle of any unwanted items. If you use your car on a daily basis, it can become messy and untidy very quickly. So, it’s important to spend some time clearing it out. While you’re there, measure the available space so that you can assess which of your items will fit in the car. It may even help to draw a diagram of the space and visualize if your items will fit in.

Replace Boxes with Bags

Boxes are not always the best choice for packing your car; they’re bulky and angular which means they don’t slot into a car space well. We suggest that you replace boxes with bags for better use of the space. Bags can be used to carry clothes, towels and bedding, which will fit into the car easier. There are various different bags you can use; black bags, nylon bags and poly bags are all options when it comes to packing your car.

Borrow or Rent a Larger Car or Van

If you think that you won’t have enough room in your own car, consider hiring a larger car or even a van. If you have a friend or family member who has a larger vehicle, kindly ask them if you can use it in return for a favor. Having a bigger vehicle will also save you from having to do multiple trips on moving day.

Let Us Help You Move

If you want to avoid the stress of filling your car with your belongings and driving backwards and forwards to and from your new home, consider hiring a professional moving company. With years of experience in the moving industry, our team at Pers Removals will be on hand to help you with your move from start to finish.