Relocating offices can be extremely stressful; and all that stress can make you forgetful. You’ve remembered to take everything with you. You’ve told all your customers. The old office is completely empty. What else is there to do?

Here are 3 things you cannot forget when moving offices.

Phone number – Okay, so you let your customers know that you won’t be easy to contact mid-move. They know not to contact you. But did you tell them when you plant to be in the new office by and did you give them your new phone number? Failing to do this could mean a lot of lost business and some pretty angry existing customers.

Your online address – Sounds like a small thing, but forgetting to alter your online address could have a big impact on your business. People like Google use your address to list you correctly in searches made on their site. It isn’t just your customers that need the right address!

So where do you need to alter it?

  • Your own website
  • Social pages (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Directories
  • Trade sites
  • Google Places
  • And anywhere else you’re mentioned online!

Marketing – So you spent months pushing your marketing materials. There are posters plastered across the city; flyers heading out every day; you even have an advert in the paper!

That’s all brilliant for business, but now you’ve moved offices, have you altered your marketing materials to show your new address? If not, your customers aren’t going to be able to pay you a visit. And that’s not good.

The next time you’re moving offices; don’t jump to the conclusion that the move is complete just because your old office is empty and your new one full.

There’s a lot more to an office move than meets the eye. Don’t forget that!